HSBC Purchasing Card

A complete solution to simplify corporate procurement
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The HSBC Purchasing Card allows your authorised employees and suppliers to manage day to day expenses, whether it is for stationery, computer supplies, training courses or other procurement needs. Together with the powerful online reporting platform Mastercard's Smart Data, it can help standardise and streamline the procurement process, provide cost savings and increase financial visibility.

HSBC Purchasing Card

Key Benefits

Stay firmly in control of day-to-day expenses and smooth your procurement process

🗸 Convenient purchase of goods and services

🗸 Purchaser and merchant management to enhance working capital control

🗸 Streamlined procure-to-pay process

🗸 Fraud protection and liability waiver

🗸Ability to negotiate better terms with suppliers and reduce payment costs

🗸 Powerful online management and reporting

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Convenient purchase of goods and services

  • Authorise and manage vendor payments from one-off purchases with unmanaged suppliers, to regular spend with key strategic providers
  • Authorise employee expenses - whether that’s stationery, computer supplies or training courses
  • Use the card in-store, online or over the phone for domestic and overseas purchases

Purchaser and merchant management

  • Purchaser management: set individual credit limits, breakdown expenses by department, country and transaction type, set daily transaction limits etc.
  • Merchant control: limit usage to specific supplier categories, block certain supplier types etc.

Streamlined procure-to-pay process

  • Streamlined procurement and accounts payable processes, reducing manual effort Reduce the need to carry cash

Fraud protection

  • Fraud detection software to detect fraudulent transactions and increase security

Ability to negotiate better terms with suppliers

  • Leverage up to 51 interest-free days to help you leverage your cash flow for better working capital
  • Faster payments to suppliers provides leverage to negotiate better purchase terms
  • Real-time reporting insights to compare costs and control expenses
  • Streamlined payment processing and reporting can help achieve time and cost efficiencies by reducing manual accounts payable processes.

Powerful online management and reporting

Easily manage cardholders and their spending with HSBC's powerful online management platform Mastercard's Smart Data, giving you the control and insight to better monitor costs and maximize efficiency. Learn more

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