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Webinar replay: Beyond trade tensions and COVID-19 – Prospects for growth in Asia and beyond

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This webinar aims to provide you with the insights needed to better navigate the present uncertainty. It covers post-COVID prospects for growth in Asia and beyond and how this is affecting the local economy growth prospects.

Our Co-Head of Asian Economics Research, Frederic Neumann, shed light on the current global trade situation, the role of the Real Effective Exchange Rate on local currency, and the pace of economic recovery as COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted.

Stuart Tait, our Group General Manager & Regional Head of Commercial Banking Asia Pacific, also talked about the crisis response he has seen from companies in the region and how they can create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Shiran Fernando, Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Chief Economist, also shared how Sri Lanka can make use of the opportunities as economies around the world look to diversify their supply chain dependencies.

They were joined by Mark Prothero, HSBC Sri Lanka and Maldives CEO and Stuart Rogers, Head of Wholesale Banking, HSBC Sri Lanka and Maldives for a panel discussion that touched on business continuity, changing business models and accelerated movement in the digitisation agenda.

Watch a playback of the webinar by clicking the video below.

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