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HSBC Market Outlook 2024 – Inspiring opportunities | Decoding the future

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2024 will be a period of transition for Asian economies, as growth is set to pick up in many of the more open economies. It is crucial for businesses to stay informed of the latest market developments.

At a recent Asia Pacific webinar, our Chief Asia Economist Frederic Neumann and Global Head of ESG Research Wai-Shin Chan gathered to share insights on the macro-economic outlook, ESG trends and the key growth drivers in Asia.

In the welcome remarks delivered by Stuart Rogers, Regional Head of International Markets, HSBC Commercial Banking, he mentioned amid the background of geopolitical uncertainties and persistent trade challenges, more businesses are turning their attention to Southeast Asia, especially the ASEAN region. Over the coming decade, these markets are expected to be an important growth engine in the global economy.

Watch the replay to find out how the region’s economies will shape this transition in our latest webinar.

ASEAN and South Asia economies continue to impress with their resilience. As global supply chains are being redrawn, and new trade corridors open up, the region will remain among the favoured investment destinations for global companies.

Frederic Neumann | Chief Asia Economist, Co-head of Global Research Asia, HSBC

We see lots of positive momentum in ASEAN in terms of regulations across the ESG ecosystem – for investors, for companies, even nationally as governments prepare updated climate and biodiversity pledges.

Wai-Shin Chan | Global Head of ESG Research, HSBC