Virtual Accounts Payer Identification

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A simpler way to manage accounts receivables

Virtual Accounts Payer Identification helps you identify the originator of incoming payments received through virtual accounts, eliminating the time-consuming job of matching payments with suppliers.

Key Features

  • Better connected

    Up to 100,000 virtual account numbers can be created and linked to your master account.

  • Better informed

    The name of your client or a pre-defined reference is automatically included for every deposit into your main account.

  • Safer

    Virtual Accounts receive incoming deposits only and protect your privacy as your main account information remains confidential.

Key Benefits

  • Simpler

    Automated payer identification

    Automatically identify each payer without relying on remittance information in the payment transaction

  • Easy set-up process

    Eliminate the need to open any additional physical accounts to track your payers

  • Faster

    Faster and more efficient

    Ensure automatic posting of electronic deposits to your main account, which frees up resources from manual reconciliations to other productive tasks

  • Optimized working capital cycle

    Unlock funds quickly and improve credit control with automatic reconciliation of collection information

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