Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS) Real-Time Direct Debits

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A faster way to manage accounts receivables

We are continuing to drive innovation and digital transformation to help you manage your cash flow faster and easier. With the launch of Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch (CEFTS) Real-Time Direct Debits, you can receive money in real time, anytime anywhere. You’ll receive instant credit notifications to help you manage working capital, cash flow and receivables simpler and faster.

Key Features

CEFTS Real-time Direct Debits offers a significant upgrade to the traditional collection methods, by way of reducing payment settlement times from a few days to a few seconds and leveraging benefits of immediate payment schemes. You can collect up to LKR 5 million in a single payment from your debtors banking with any of the CEFTS Direct Debit participating banks.

Key Benefits


  • Processed via CEFTS network, executed online in real-time
  • Funds are available immediately
  • Improve Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)


  • Simple and convenient online collection solutions to help save time and costs

Better Informed

  • Increase in automation of receivable reconciliation with enriched data and information
  • Transactions processed on 24/7 basis including non-working days
  • No cut-off times
  • Improved oversight of cash flow with instant notifications of collections
  • Reduced risk of delayed collection associated with traditional collection methods

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